Lacto Ovo Vegetarian Diet; Everything You Need To Know

A Lacto ovo vegetarian diet includes vegetables, dairy products, and eggs while refraining from other animal food products. It is a healthy vegetarian alternative that helps in providing the essential nutritional requirements of the body. This article provides some information about the same.

Lacto Ovo vegetarians are those people who are reluctant to consume poultry, meat, and other non-vegetarian foodstuffs but prefer taking plant-based foods, milk, and eggs. The term ‘Lacto-ovo vegetarianism’ is derived from the Latin words for milk (Lacto), egg (ovo), and vegetables (vege). Consequently, a Lacto ovo vegetarian diet comprises a wide range of vegetables, along with eggs and dairy products. It is the most frequently opted vegetarianism in the United States.

Another vegetarian type is the Lacto-vegetarian, wherein an individual consumes only dairy products and vegetables, but not eggs and animal products. On the contrary, those who have lactose intolerance problems prefer to be ovo-vegetarians. That means consuming a regular diet that consists of eggs and vegetables (without milk). Among all these types of vegetarians, Lacto-ovo vegetarianism is the most preferred alternative.

Most people think of becoming a Lacto vegetarian while converting from non-vegetarian food habits to a vegetarian diet. This diet can be the best alternative to provide a balanced nutrient to the body, under the condition that one should understand the right food items to be included in the regular diet plan. 

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Lacto Vegetarian Meals

To help you, we came up with this Lacto ovo vegetarian food list. The following is a guideline, which you can refer to while planning the food menu for your Lacto ovo vegetarian diet.

Breakfast for Lacto Ovo Vegetarians

For all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Foodstuffs that can be included are pancakes, whole-grain toast, pancake syrup, orange, cottage cheese, margarine, and skimmed milk (or coffee). The number of servings may vary depending upon the calorie intake and/or one’s body requirements.

Lunch In Lacto Ovo Vegetarian Diet

In lunch, one can have heavy food items, of one’s own preference for the Lacto ovo vegetarian diet. Ideal foods for lunch are vegetable soup, processed cheese, sesame crackers, mushroom, cucumber, and tomato salad with regular salad dressing. One can also include baked apple (or fruit salad) and iced tea (without sugar).

Dinner for Lacto Ovo Vegetarians

Taking a light dinner is always good for health, rather than consuming a heavy meal before bedtime as a Lacto vegetarian. One can include the main menu with fruits and whole-grain bread. In addition, one can have an omelet, egg whites, fresh fruits, pudding, baked cheese, margarine, and collard greens.

Snacks for Lacto Ovo Vegetarians

For snacks, one can have raisins, peanuts, and other dried fruits that are enriched with nutrients. One can also incorporate whole-grain roll and buttermilk in evening snacks. Or simply, go for the conventional snacks menu, which includes a glass of milk and one boiled egg.

Ovo-Vegetarian Diet: A Complete Guide and Meal Plan

An Overview of Lacto Ovo Vegetarian Diet 

Consuming eggs and milk helps in making up the protein, lecithin, and calcium requirements of the body, which may lack in a vegetarian diet. But, incorporating too much of eggs and milk in the diet is harmful, as these food items contain high amounts of fats and cholesterol. Thus, the basic logic behind this vegetarian diet is to balance the amounts of eggs, dairy products, and vegetables.

Overall, it is considered as a dietary therapy for people who have certain medical problems or ones who just want to eat healthily. It is opined that this diet is beneficial for people with heart diseases, obesity, high cholesterol, hypertension, and anxiety. Hence, very often, one may come across medical data, suggesting that the affected people with these health problems make dietary changes, and opt for this vegetarian diet.

There are various products in the market (for example, the Parmesan cheese) that is derived from animal sources. Thus, in the case of those who opt for this diet plan, one should make sure to check the food levels before including them in their meal plan. Furthermore, one should educate and prepare themselves for this diet in order to gain various Lacto ovo vegetarian benefits. Moreover, to avoid making this diet monotonous, one can try out different Lacto ovo vegetarian recipes.





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